Barbara, my manager, and I left San Francisco at
about 8:30 AM. We arrived in Portland, Oregon at about 7:00. It’s only 8:52 at
night right now and I’m WIPED OUT! I didn’t even do any driving. En route
today I checked my e-mail and it turns out that the newspaper in Klamath Falls
wants to write an article about me/the show. My mom grew up in Klamath Falls
and I used to spend two weeks a summer there up until High School, so, in an
weird way, it’s a homecoming! I still have family who lives in there, my
Grandpa, Aunt and some cousins. Most of whom will be coming to the show.
Unfortunately, my cousin Brittany, who I think would be the most excited to see
the show, has her high school play that night, so she will miss out! :-) Well,
I’ll be missing Barenaked Ladies in Los Angeles, so i guess that’s the
sacrifices that have to be made when you are a performer.

We got a new show added today so the
trip is shaping up. I also have to do another radio interview, but it’s only 60
seconds long. They said to make sure I do some of my best punchlines! Yeah,
that’ll work! Cram a song into a

Okay, I’m going to bed.
Hopefully I’ll get to explore Portland a little tomorrow. I hope this doesn’t
turn into a Japan trip (I don’t think it will) where all I have time for is work
and sleep!

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