We’re trying to get the kids to VOTE TOAST and it
seems to be working somewhat. Lots of kids have come to our booth saying they
voted for TT for the Select Showcase. One group came up saying that they LOVED
the promo CD. The TT OFFICIAL BOOTLEG is a limited edition CD I made to hand
out here. It’s got ATM, SHE’S LIKE, and DEBBIE from ‘burnt’; BAD INFLUENCE
(RADIO VERSION) from CHROME, N.R.L. from a live recording at SONGS & FLIGHT
and….PATRICK THE SPOILER. If I have any of these left over I may put them up
in the bootleg section of the message board, so look for them in about a week or

We may get a lot of bookings from
Utah! They like the whole ‘clean’ aspect of Throwing Toasters. Might have some
Washington interest as well.

almost time for our dinner break. There’s a place around the corner from the
convention center called BURGERVILLE. It’s a burger joint but their big selling
point is SWEET POTATO FRIES and Pumpkin Milkshakes. I’m a sucker for ANY sweet
potato food product and I LOVE pumpkin pie (it’s my favorite second only to
Pecan). So that’s where I’m hoping to have

I’ll try and post some photos
from on my next update. Until then, here’s a photo of our booth. Almost like
being here huh? Maybe

at the Marketplace (where all the kids come around to see what you have to
offer) I’ll be wearing my TT Jester’s hat! Hopefully that’ll bring the kids a
runnin’! Maybe.

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