We’ve met some great acts here at the NACA
Convention. Take for instance Kelsey of Garry Carson & Kelsey. They are a
magic act that works with Big Cats. We talked about about Roy and his encounter
with cats. Garry & Kelsey live in Vegas and are very good friends with
Siegfried & Roy. I did not meet Garry, but
Kelsey had the absolute pleasure of being in the booth across from us and got to
stare at my ugly mug the whole time.

Grant &

Visit Gary & Kelsey at

I also got to meet and listen to Jerry
Chapman. A great musician in the booth next to us. He was lucky enough to get
a showcase and I’m sure will have a ton of bookings. He did a great medley of
songs on Mandolin that featured If I Had $1,000,000, Tainted Love and others.
We swapped sampler CDs.


Check out Jerry’s stuff at

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