This really is a crazy thing. This whole NACA
convention thing. You are basically pushing yourself as an act to each person
who stops by the table. You’re begging, “PLEASE LET ME COME PLAY AT YOUR
SCHOOL! I’m REALLY funny! I Promise! Spend over $1000 to have me come out and
play for 45 minutes!” It’s very

I am happy to
say though that TT did get our very first OFFICIAL college

like we’ll be spending Pearl Harbor Day in Montana! Yeah, THAT soon! WOW! I
thought for sure any bookings we got would be way later in 2004. Nope, NEXT
MONTH! Hell, less than a month

There is also a VERY good chance
I’ll be back in Portland in January to play at a college here. Four student
reps from one University were VERY into TT! They just need to check which dates
but they want to bring the TT magic to Portland for not one, but TWO dates in

This evening was GREAT! It
was really needed too. This is an EXHAUSTING convention. The Associates (us)
were tired, the buyers (most of whom are college kids) were tired. Everyone is
tired. On our end, morale was low. We didn’t have a showcase, we weren’t
getting ANY bookings or even interest in bookings from anyone. We were being
told not to expect any bookings without a showcase. It’ takes time, sometimes 3
years, to get it right to start getting bookings, they told us! Well HA! We
got one our first time out!

(though they would NEVER call it a CON) starts at 9AM and goes ALL DAY till
after midnight! We were still hawking TT to kids AFTER 12 AM! Then BAM at the
very end we just get a FLOOD of interest in Throwing Toasters. We got the one
confirmed buy then the heavy interest from the Portland school. Then a ton of
other folks from different states. I think tomorrow we may have a few more
bites but I’m just so glad we got at least ONE for sure! That was our goal!
You should have seen it, we were like DANCING around the booth while the bookers
at the two booths on either side were like, “Oh yeah, that’s great.” (They had
like hundreds of bookings and we just had our

THis is very cool. A TON of hard
work for one booking, but I think they will come a lot easier from now

And at the VERY least, we’ll always
have plenty of toast!

I should go to
bed, but I can’t!

We booked yet ANOTHER
regular gig in Oregon next week. Coos Bay/North Bend at a place called Roger’s
Zoo (but also known as the Bizzarratorium (sp?)). SHould be

Okay, goodnight all! This
yeah is just the very first step in beginning to play all over the place! Look
what we’ve done, we’ve played more shows in more venues in more states in more
countries than any other year so far! (On the business end of things, we’ve
also actually have received real american currency for most of these shows as

We are on our

(and thanks for all the support
you’ve given us! We (I) would have quit sometime ago if it weren’t for the
folks who actually listen to TT. This is all because of

Okay…now I’m really going to
bed. For sure. No really, for sure. Seriously. Though this will be posted in
the morning….I’m going to bed now. No really I



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