Today was a day off for us. We may hit an open mic
tonight just for fun and practice.

walked around downtown Eugene today for a few hours this afternoon. Lots of
little shops and stuff to check out. Bought some guitar picks (I was running
low) and a Christmas gift for my buddy

Here’s the Eugene Hilton. This is where
we’re currently staying. Very nice place and that big building right behind it
is the Hult Center, a big performing arts

In Glendale, CA there are these silly
Frog Sculptures that spout water. I guess having a group of frogs is common
because here’s some in Eugene.

In college I was in a play called Hotel
Paradiso, so I thought it was funny seeing a cafe with the same

More sculptures. This time of skunks.
There’s just random weird sculptures around Portland. Kinda

Tonight before the open mic I’m
going to go visit my Mom’s sister and her kids! I haven’t seen my cousins
in…well ever and the running gag is that I don’t believe they exist because I
have never seen them. So tonight I shall see! GOing to go pick them up a gift
before I head over there.

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