This morning we head back out on the road. Off to
Coos Bay or North Bend. It’s weird they call it North Bend because it’s so far
away from Bend it’s silly. But I guess when your real name is Coos Bay, you
want a different name.

Last night we
went to an open mic. It was in a jazz club and I felt totally out of place. I
started though with a traditional jazz number just to get folks to warm up to
me. I began with GUMMI BEARS. At the start folks weren’t really listening to
the music but by the second song they were. Unfortunately I broke a string
during the third song. All the folks were sad I broke a string though and
wanted me to keep playing. I had everyone’s attention by the end of my set so
it was fun.

Yesterday I also got to
meet two of my cousins whom I had never met before! Justin and Tristen. Here’s
the three of us…

They were great and I’m glad to
finally know they exist!

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