Wow! What a great show! I was a little unsure as
to what to expect but the show ROCKED! I had a lot of fun and did over an hour
of material! Yes an hour! Then….a STANDING OVATION and a request for an
encore! This is why I do shows. I mean I love playing shows for fans, but to
play in front of 30+ strangers in a bar on Tuesday night in a small town in
Oregon who have never heard of you and don’t know what to expect and then get
the reaction I got tonight, THAT’S

I’ll post the set list on the
Message Boards. We met a lot of good people and had some EXCELLENT pizza. If
you are even in North Bend, go to ROGER’S ZOO and have the

We’re staying in an AWESOME old
house in Coos Bay. Built in 1901! That’s older then me! I took some photos I
will try to upload later. (I’m currently typing this with no net access, so I’m
holding off on making too big postings.) The conversation of Ghost Stories came
up and the rumor is that the man who lived here first smoked cigars and from
time to time they will smell cigar smoke even though no one here smokes cigars.
I’ve never been in a house that you’d actually expect to be haunted and I’m
hoping to catch a wiff of that cigar

Tomorrow is the sold out show in
Port Orford. If it’s half as fun as tonight it will be awesome!

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