If I was nervous going into the North Bend/Coos Bay
show, I was even more nervous when I arrived at the Port & Starboard. I
was, easily, the youngest person in the room and the average age was probably a
good 30 years older than me (and I’m turning 30 next

So to say that I thought I would
go over like a lead balloon, is putting it mildly. The crowd was AWESOME
though! Really awesome! Barbara, my manager/opening act/travel partner, did an
excellent job warming them up for me and I blew through over an hour of TT
favorites for all! Man, I remember when I was nervous that I didn’t have enough
material for HALF an hour! Now I’m doing gigs OVER an hour long!

Anyway, the show was FANTASTIC
and if you’re ever driving through Port Orford and stop at the Port &
Starboard, be sure to look for my signed picture on the wall. The ink was not
even dry yet before they started tacking it up! I had a great time and there’s
talk of bringing us back for a bigger show for fourth of July. (I’m REALLY
liking this touring stuff. A LOT!)

got a tour of Port Orford today. It only took about 30 minutes. This is a TINY
town. They say you can tell how big a town is by how many signal lights they
have. Maynard, MA I went to last month has 5 signal lights. Port Orford


right, NONE! They have a great port here too. I took photos of it, but those
will have to wait until later. I’m worn

I love having this laptop with me
because at night when I go to bed, I just borrow people’s DVD’s of movies
Ihaven’t seen and watch them till I fall asleep. Last night in Coos Bay I
borrowed THE OTHERS (a great film to watch in a house built in 1901)! I had
known about the ending though, and it’s not that fantastic of a film if you know
the ending. DAMN YOU PATRICK!

I’m watching NOVOCAINE with Steve Martin. Haven’t seen this one and I didn’t
hear FANTASTIC things about it, but it’s really no risk for me as I didn’t buy
or rent it and tomorrow I can just leave without

Night all!

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