It is raining here this morning in Coos Bay, OR.
Last night in the middle of the night it POURED. I hadn’t heard that much rain
in a very long time. I miss my southern

I forgot to mention that
yesterday I met up with my friend from High School Nick. Nick lives in Eugene,
Oregon and I hadn’t seen him in MANY years! It was good to catch up with him
and find out what he’s up to. In high school Nick’s house was THE place to
hang. Pool Table, Ms Pac Man machine, pinball machine, Big Screen TV, swimming
pool, jacuzzi. Ah, those were the days. I was saddened to hear his mom was not
feeling well. I wish her a SPEEDY

We met Nick at a little restaurant in
a part of Eugene where the population would be called…well..hippie. :-) Lots
of bike riders, dreadlocks, tattoos, etc. (I know those things don’t make a
hippie, I’m just giving you an idea). Anyway, across from where we ate, The
Next Day Bakery on 4th & Blair, was this mosaic

Kinda cool. I had to get a close up
of course…

Anyway, it was cool seeing Nick again
and hopefully my travels will bring me through Eugene again so I can visit

I told you yesterday of the old
house I was staying at in Coos Bay. Here’s a

Jim & Joyce who onw it have
completely restored the inside. It’s a GREAT

THis is Joyce’s grandmother’s desk
from like 1901! She has some of her grandmother’s schoolwork too. Very

Joyce and Jim are pretty sure that
this lithograph of the Sanitarium in Battle CREEK MICHIGAN (yes, the one from
THE ROAD TO WELLVILLE) was probably hanging up somewhere in the sanitarium as
was saved when the place burnt down because it has fire and water damage on it.
They bought it for like $40!

Jim &
Joyce have been excellent hosts and I feel honored to have stayed here at their
place! I will be sorry to miss them once we leave today, but I am sure I will
see them again soon!

It’s 100%
confirmed! Our fist big college gig will be Sunday December 7, 2003 at Rocky
Mountain College in Montana! Once I have more details on the event, I shall let
you know! We’re leaving Burbank EARLY sunday Dec. 7, and then doing the show
and then flying right back the next day! Whirlwind, yes, but it’ll add another
state to the tour list for this year! The 2003 tour shirts are going to be

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