We’ve rolled back into Klamath Falls for the final
show of the Oregon Tour! On our way in we called the local radio station to ask
if we could drop off CDs and he actually had us do an in studio interview! I
played N.R.L. and SHE’S LIKE live on the air. THis was such a spur of the
moment thing however that we didn’t record it. It was fun though and the DJ
compared me to Tim Cavanaugh. Very

It’s another show in
another smoky club tonight. Blach! At least I’ll get to see my cousins Brian
and Brent tonight (along with Brian’s wife Kacey

I really love the touring. THe
only downside is the constant packing and unpacking and loading of the car! My
manager and I have already spoken about a midwest tour sometime next year. I’m
saying summer cause I want to be NOWHERE if there’s snow

Tomorrow is the long and winding
road back to San Francisco! Yay! Home (well, home away from


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