Oregon is sort of following California’s lead with
he whole “NO SMOKING” in restaurants deal, but they still allow smoking in bars.
Blech. I can’t stand it. Smoking and the resulting smoke is just GROSS! THe
show tonight was GREAT, but everyone was smoking. Very hard to sing!

This morning I got to go visit my
Grandfather (Mom’s Dad). We had breakfast (sourdough pancakes…..mmmmmm….).
Here’s a picture of me and the big man himself, though he’s REALLY slimmed down
and lost a ton of weight and is sporting a new goatee.

Yep. My grandfather is Colonel

TOday we drove a REAL
treacherous strip of road from Klamath Falls to Medford. REALLY snowy and
slick. We went about 25 mph the whole way. Good thing cause

Ouch. We have to go back over that
tomorrow. But the weather has been a little better this evening, just FREEZING

Tomorrow’s the last stop on the
Oregon tour! Big show for a TON of family! Can’t wait. We did radio
interviews today. Just short 60 second things. I’ll get a copy of it though
for the website.

This has been a GREAT
trip. I’ve really learned a lot about doing a LONG comedy show. All of my
shows this trip have been over 1 hour in length! I have surprised myself that I
can play that long and still hold the audience’s attention. It’s a good sign.
More bookings! :-)

I have updated all
the set lists for the oregon trip on the Message Boards, for your perusal. I’m
doing them a little differently from before, so you’ll have to let me know what
you think!

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