Howdy! Sorry it’s been awhile! I’ve been holed up
with the family here in the San Francisco area. I have a great T-Day picture to
post of our table, but it will have to wait cause it’s on the other

Saw ELF thanksgiving day.
I’m not a Wil Ferrel (sp?) but that movie made me

Had two great shows last night
at Rooster T. Feathers. It was weird after doing a week of hour plus long shows
to do a show for only 30 minutes. The time just FLEW by. I didn’t get to half
of the songs I wanted to play! That’s how it goes though. The opener was Jeff
Applebaum who opened for me in Lodi. The head liner is the very funny David
. He’s hilarious, leaning a LITTLE towards blue, but very
funny. Sort of like South Park. Where you’re laughing your butt off but you
know you really shouldn’t be.

morning was the big WEST COAST LIVE show! It was AWESOME! I had a blast! If
you listened to the show you know how fun it sounded? It was actually even MORE
fun than that! Hopefully they will get the archives up soon so you can hear it!
was in the crowd! Great to see him again! It was also fun
sharing the stage with The BOBS

Tonight is two more shows at
Roosters! Going to be fun I can tell. Tomorrow it’s back to Los Angeles after
the last Rooster’s gig. Hopefully updates will be more frequent! I’ve booked
Studio time to record the kids songs on Wednesday, so look for news of that next

I’m also working on the DVD
stuff. It’ll happen. i just want it to be right. I want everyone to really
enjoy their DVD!

Okay gang. Have fun!
I’m going to go post the set lists now.

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