Well here it is, Monday morning. YIKES! I’m a
zombie. I had a show last night at Rooster T. Feathers, my last one in the run,
and left at about 9:30 to drive back to Southern California so I could sub a
fifth grade class. I got into Burbank about 3:15am and wasn’t lying in bed
till, oh, after 4. Woke up before the alarm at 6:50 am. ZOMBIE I TELL YOU!
Remind me why I said yes to this anyway? Oh that’s right, more

Yesterday Mom made SOURDOUGH
pancakes from the starter my Grandfather sent home with me. See, sourdough
pancakes are made from what’s called a Sourdough Start. It’s a sourdough
mixture that you use to make a batter for whatever your making (pancakes, bread,
etc.). You take one cup of the starter and make your batter with it. Then you
take one cup of the batter and put it back into the jar with the start in it.
This replenishes the start. Then you make the pancakes or whatnot and keep the
start for the next time you want to make something. Yes, you keep the start.
For as long as it’s good. Supposedly as long as you properly care for it, it
will last forever.

I’ve looked on the
internet for info on Sourdough Pancakes and starter and there is legends about
100+ year old starts! According to my Grandfather who gave me the start Mom
used yesterday, newlyweds were given a sourdough start many many years ago.
Starts were continually passed down. One article online I read about it said
that a San Francisco baker, know for his sourdough bread kept his start locked
in a safe because of the jealousy of his competitors. His bakery burned down,
but he was able to rebuild his entire business, because his sourdough start was
locked in the fireproof safe.

The start
my grandfather gave me is only about a month old, but the bottom line here folks
is that you MUST try some sourdough pancakes for yourself! Every time you go to
a small cafe or someplace for breakfast stuff, see if they are on the menu. Or
search the net and find a start. You won’t be

In other news, I was
playing softball with some folks from my school. Unfortunately the team played
our last game while I was on the road. I did want to share this picture though.
A little backstory….one game I was on first base right in front of my team’s
dugout. My team kept yelling at me to lead off, but I was listening intently to
our first base coach. I kept saying, “Quiet! I’m listening only to Shawn.”
Well this made them even more loud, yelling at me to take a lead. They wouldn’t
stop so I did what I had to. I pulled down my pants and mooned them. That shut
them up right quick!

A few games later
i was presented wit….

A belt with a

That solved the

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