So last night I went to see A CHRISTMAS STORY on the
BIG SCREEN in Hollywood. A CHRISTMAS STORY is my favorite Christmas movie of
all time and to finally get to see it on the big screen was amazing. Add that
to the fact that a majority of the cast and the director was there and it made
for an incredible evening! The night was sort of to celebrate the 20th
anniversary of the movie and they had a red carpet out front with leg lamps and
the following people were there:

Clark = Director of the film.

Billingsley – Ralph ‘Ralphie’ Parker

Petrella – Randy Parker

Scott Schwartz –

R.D. Robb –

Zack Ward – Scut

There was a brief Q&A to
start the film and then they showed the movie. After the film was over only a
handful of the cast remained for more Q&A. After the screening I was able
to get some folks to sign my DVD.

Director Bob Clark wrote across
Ralphie’s face, “Don’t shoot your eye out.” Zack Ward (Scut Farkas) wrote, “Cry
Cry Baby Cry!”. Then I also got signatures from R.D. Robb (Schwartz) and Peter
Billingsley. Peter seems a tad bit bitter that he will be known for this movie.
Of course he should probably act more. He is in Elf. He plays the shop
foreman, but you have to wonder if he’s doomed to play in Christmas movies for
the rest of his life.

I think that
only thing that would have made the evening better would have been if Darren
McGavin was there. He plays “The Old Man”, the father. He really steals that
movie. The director was saying that Darren was not first choice for the role!
They were trying to get Jack Nicholson! How horrible would that have made this
film? I LOVE Jack, but he would have been awful in the

Anyway, it was a great night and
I….well….I saw it twice. I stayed around for the 10:00 showing. I figured,
“How many chances will I get to see it on the big screen?” Actually I may have
a lot. They mentioned that they may re-release the film in theaters nationwide
for Christmas 2004! :-)

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