Well the Billings show at Rocky Mountain College
ROCKED. Today, Monday, starts Finals week and they have a breakfast at 10:00 PM
Sunday night. I played for the crowd as sort of a study break. I powered
through several TT favorites (the set list will be up on the message board soon)
much to the amusement of the gathered throng.

They cam up with a very entertaining
way of promoting the show. Leave it college students to come up with something
like this…

I’m going to strike out a bit this
morning to check out Billings a bit. When I get back to LA this afternoon, I
will be going into the studio to record all the vocals for the Mr. Grant CD. I
recorded guitar parts for 8 brand new kids songs and it looks like the new CD
will be about 19 tracks long. I hope to have it sent into the duplicators by
Thursday. Just depends on the artwork. But we should have that done by then.
My co-producer, Jody, was very impressed that I had so many kids songs for the
CD. As I’ve said on the message board, this will really just be a stripped down
album that will help me get the dough to reprint ‘burnt’ (which is needed
because I’m now under 100 copies) and also start laying the groundwork for the
next TT CD.

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