THis will be a big one as I have a lot of catching
up to do. This week is crazy. I’m trying to get the Mr. Grant CD done before I
head off to Northern California. (By the way, the track list for VOTED MOST
LIKELY TO ROCK is up on the MR. GRANT section of the message boards.) I’m happy
with the way the CD is turning out. I’d really like to put a ton of money into
it and make it sound as good as CHROME, but I don’t have that cash around. So
it’s sort of DEMO-ish. I like the newer kids songs. I think PICKED LAST is my
favorite. It’s actually the first sort of serious song I’ve written recorded
and had the guts to release! (Yes, I’m sorry, you’ll probably never hear AMY
which is the very first “serious” song I wrote and

PICKED LAST is a slow
ballad. I played my favorite guitar on it (well, actually I played it on a lot
of tracks on this CD) but I think it sounds the best on PICKED LAST. Can’t wait
for ya’ll to hear it. While we were recording the tune I realized I could make
it into a sort of comedy song just by changing one word. I’ll have to try that

Okay, so yesterday morning
before I left Billings, Montana after the college show (which by the way the
college gave me a sterling review on!) The poor girl who was stuck driving me
all over Billings took me downtown where we had breakfast and walked

This is an old library in Billings, now an
art gallery.

Here’s the Power Company Building. I’m told
that at night it’s lit up in a very cool way, too bad I couldn’t stay long
enough to see it! It was COOOOOOOOLD there. 28 degrees! Hey, I’m from CA!
That’s COLD!

Here’s me and Stephanie! She was super nice
and I had a good time hanging with

While waiting to board my return flight, I
saw this snow and Ice covered tank. Then I looked closer at the label on the

Yep. A big tank of Aircraft Deicing
Fluid….covered in snow and ice.

While perusing an antique store
in Billings I came up with an idea. They had an old boxt of license plates and
I found one from Montana and Oregon. I’m going to start collecting plates from
all the states I perform (or have performed in). See I had this map of the US
that an ex-girlfriend (good ole wedding feet girl) gave me and I lost the
crayons to color in the spots you’ve been. So I think this license plate thing
will be fun! Here’s the start:

I’m going to bid on one from Japan on eBay
this weekend, but if anyone out there can find ones from these states, let me
know! New Hampshire (preferably one that says LIVE FREE OR DIE on it, Mass,
Michigan, Illinois and Nevada. I think this will be a fun thing to do as I play
more and more shows in different states! Besides, these plates are only about
$3 each! Not to expensive a hobby!

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