So I’m back in Burlingame. Finally catching up with
stuff. I’ve been tryoing to get my mailing list all updated so I can mail out
the Christmas cards this week. WAIT till you see them! I’ll try and get them
out early this week so you’ll be able to enjoy them BEFORE Christmas!

I’m so glad so many fans got to
tune into the Kulak’s Woodshed event. here’s a photo I took of Carla, Bob
Malone and myself.

It was so good to see Carla. She’s
looking even better than before! I’m so glad! She’d also better be taking good
care of my apartment! She’s crashing there while I’m in N. CA! It’s like the
Demented Music Condo!

I had a publicity
photo session today for BABES IN TOYLAND! Check this out below! It’s the promo
poster for the show.

Yep. That’s me on the poster. That photo
was from the last time we did BABES when I had the COUNT OLAF Unibrow going on!
:-) Here’s a close up of a part of the

Yep. I’m a big star. I grabbed a few extra
of these and will be giving a few singed ones away on the message boards so keep
your eyes peeled for that!

Finally, I
could not leave Southern California without bringing one more thing with

My mom is SO happy this is the view of our
front window! ;-)


I’ll try and update more
regularly! Have fun!

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