I went out to lunch with my good buddy from High
School, Jason T. Roberts this afternoon. We went to a local pizza place. As we
drove past I noticed they had a BABES IN TOYLAND poster hanging out

“Oh crap.” was my response on
seeing it.

“What?” Jason

“They have a stupid BABES
poster out front with my face on it.” I

“Oh,” he

“Have you seen them yet?” I

“They are kinda hard to miss.”
he replied with a chuckle.

That’s my
buddy Jason!

I’m always way to early
for rehearsal. I don’t know why I always think it’s at 6PM when it’s always at
6:30. So I’m just chilling listening to Jerry Chapman stuff on my iPod. I know
I went on about him when I was in portland, bbut his stuff is really amazing. I
haven’t gone gaga over music since I found Barenaked Ladies back in ’94. Jerry
sent me two of his Cd’s and then the CD of LIFE IN GENERAL which was a group he
was in. Not a bad song in a

Well folks have begun to arrive
so I must sign off. But later I shall fill you in on the details of the ANNUAL
BACIOCCO FAMILY PHOTO CONTEST (now in it’s third year).

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