The opening day of BABES went as well as can be
expected. I began to lose my voice (not good when you have two more shows to
do)! It seems to be well received though. There was an article in a local
paper about it that interviewed me briefly, but it’s not online, so you can’t
see it! Na na nana naaaaa!

I’ll bring
the camera backstage today and get some snaps. I brought it yesterday but was
in no mood to take pictures. I’m such a darn perfectionist when it comes to
shows. I have to let things

Last night was Ben Franks Night
and we judged the photots! The winner was snapped by myself. Last year my dad
had my mom’s wedding ring redone and put a big diamond in it. The picture is my
mom holding up her ring finger but it looks like she’s flipping off the camera.
I called it Merry F*@CKIN’

She will not let me put it
on the net. Sorry. I’ll see what I can do!

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