Well BABES is over. Am I glad? Yes. But also no.
THere were some fun moments this year. Barnaby has a scene with Widow Piper
(Mistress Mary’s mother) in the play. THis year Widow Piper was played by a
guy. The little scene we have was SO much fun this year. Widow Piper would
LOVE to marry Barnaby, but Barnaby gets physically ill at the thought of it.
ANyway, I think that scene was my favorite part of the show. Another favorite
part is the part with Mini B.

time we did BABES IN TOYLAND, a 7 year old auditioned and when asked what part
he wanted to play, he said, “Barnaby.” So the director, Michelle asked if I
could write in a part for a Mini Me take off. I was against it because I
thought it ripped off Austin Powers too much, but I worked on the script and
came up with something that worked (and that I could live with). We even
mention we ripped it off from Austin Powers, so that’s cool. THis year, Mini B
was played by 9 year old Jake. Here’s a close up of

Like the unibrows? :-) We later took
this picture which I think will become the CLASSIC BABES IN TOYLAD

That picture KILLS

Mistress Mary was played by a first
time actress Vanessa Stubbs. Here we are:

So anyway, BABES was fun! Several MR.
Grant CDs were sold during the run of the show as

FInally, remember this photo of
my Grandfather?

Well I decided I liked his style and I
should try to match it…


I think this will make all the
christmas pictures fun! Heh!

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