This month may seem sort of slow show wise, but
there’s a lot going on behind the scenes here at Toaster Central. Currently the
TT Management Team is working on shows in four states we’ve never performed in
before. There is another College Convention in Georgia in March so that’s the
first place. Then, also in March is a possible NACA convention in New York.
We’re also looking into some gigs in New York for February. Look for word on
that soon! Then in the summer it’s time to head out to the midwest with some
shows in Nebraska. Turns out a comedy club owner in Omaha is a big TT fan, so
that looks good. Then late in the year, a trip to Wyoming. Will there be more
states? Hopefully!

The best way to get
TT to your area is to look around for places that TT should play (Comedy Clubs,
Music Clubs, Colleges). THen find out who does the booking for those venues
(on college campuses it usually the Campus Activities Director, COmedy &
Music Clubs usually have a Talent Booker). Tell them you have a great act that
you think would be perfect for their venue and you’d like to get their info so
that they can send a promo pack. Get all the info (address, phone number, what
kind of promo stuff they want) and e-mail it to us! Then we’ll pass it on to
our Management and they’ll handle the rest!

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