So Atlanta is a go! March 3rd through the 6th. I
believe my showcase will be on the 5th. I think it’ll be closed to the public,
but now that I know that it’s going down I’m going to try and book some other
stuff in the area, though now that I look at my contact database I have two fans
in Georgia! :-) I may try to book something in Florida as well. There’s a
possibility that Staten island may be the weekend after, but I’ll find out that
on the 18th.

Other than that I’ve been
mega busy cleaning out my apartment. Last night I was cleaning out the closet
in my bedroom. I have a habit of saving boxes for thing, empty, for years and
years. So I sucked it up and began throwing boxes away. All my Muppets figures
boxes that I had opened. My 4 Track recorder box. A dual cassette recorder box
(the recorder is one I rarely use) and even….you may want to sit down for this
one….the box my Mac G4 came in. Yes, some serious cleaning. At the bottom of
my closet was a box filled with old videos. Just videos I had made myself of
old cartoons and wrestling and whatnot. As I pulled the box up, there was a
ripping sound as if it’d been stuck on the floor. This did not bode well for me
as that closet is on the opposite side of the shower in my bathroom. I
instantly feared a shower leak.

grabbed a flashlight, shined it in at the floor expecting to see mold all over
the place (this closet has wooden floors). The floor was clean. Not a speck of
anything on it except a tiny tiny amount of white stuff that looked like water
had been there at one time, then evaporated. But if it had been water, there
wouldn’t have been just a little at one time. There would have been TONS over
time and there would have been mildew and mold and lord only knows what

Then I looked at the bottom of
the box. It was almost completely gone in places and there were strange lines
and holes all over the bottom of it. ANTS! For God knows how long, ants had
been tunneling in and out and under the box. The VERY strange thing was as I
went through the box (outside, mind you) I did not see ONE ant. Alive or dead,
the box was completely free of ants. Very

I will be spraying inside that
closet before I put stuff back in today and also lining the bottom edges with
baby powder. I’ve found that the ants prefer not to cross baby powder

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to
today! Hope you are all having as much fun and if you’re in the area and would
like to help, please feel free.

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