Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been mega busy with
cleaning up Toaster Central. I mean CLEANING the place. If you’ve ever been
there before you wouldn’t recognize it!

Plans are moving forward for the
Georgia/Florida stint. Oh yeah, did I mention the tour has expanded to Florida?
It has. Turns out I’ll get to see Barenaked Ladies in Florida while I’m out
there too! AND….I get to go with my buddy DOUGG! Yes, that Dougg from living
@ home!

Here’s something cool….my new
license plate collection. Arranged (I belive) by order of dates I did shows in
those states.

That’s Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Montana. I have a California one coming too,
but CA is a given right? Here’s hoping I add a ton more this year! I know I
can at least break 10 (not including CA).

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