Tonight I had a show at The Ice House. Good friends
Chris & Tim Waffle in the crowd to cheer me on (thanks guys). During the
show I sang to a girl in the front row. Her name was Sydney and as we all know
that’s a perfect match for

Afterwards she came up and
asked if I’d leave a message on her friend’s machine because she’s a huge TT
fan! Wah? Yep, turns out she was friends with a TT fan in Michigan! Small
world. Of course I left the message. Felt like a big rock n

Jackie, the friend in Michigan,
just finished principal photography on a fils called LOVE & PLUTONIUM. It’s
a film inspired by LIVING @ HOME. Yeah, I inspired someone else! Scary! Of
course the song will be in the film and I’ll let you know more when i get the

Anyway, that was a nice
distraction to have tonight.

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