Not too much news on the TT front as of late. I’m
sorry for this. Things have just not been the same, business as usual around
here. This week I hope to get all tour dates I have up on the site and travel
plans for March worked out. I should have the March dates done by tomorrow
night. I also hope to mail out any remaining items from the Message
Contests mailed out early this

I’m still formulating a plan for
what needs to be accomplished this year. Well, I actually do have PLANS, I just
need the $$$. Seems it’s alwyas something or another that rears it’s head and
takes away the $$$. Hopefully though there will be some good colege shows this
year that will help. I think the first order of business will be a reprinting
of ‘burnt’ followed closely by CHROME. CHROME will be reprinted exactly as is,
except for the typo I found in the booklet. ‘burnt’ will be a different matter.
I’ve been thinking of a SPECIAL EDITION of burnt. I recently dragged out the
masters from the night we recorded ‘burnt’ and there are one or two tracks that
might be added. I will also have the whole thing re-mastered as well to truly
make it special.

To help meet the
monetary goals to get those done (and work on a new CD) look for the DVD
finally. I just got all my DVD authoring software updated and am currently
working on the first release, probably the Japan DVD or a 2003 On The Road Tour

Also look for ZERO to finally hit
the market this year, hopefully in the first half of the year. I’m starting to
go through all the old four track tapes looking for oldies to put on the disc.
These will probably only ever be pressed as a CD-R, like the Mr. Grant CD. Look
for Alvin two to reemerge as well in this format. I like the end result of the
Mr. Grant CD and I think Disk Faktory does a good job at a good

Finally, I’d like to thank all
of you who’ve sent me notes regarding Jamie. This is a rough time for me but
I’m working my way through it best I can. I know that Jamie would want me to
continue to march forward with TT and not stall or hold back because of her
leaving. She was SO selfless. It’s just very

Be safe ya’ll and don’t freeze if
you are where all this bad weather is. It’s really cold here! It’s got down to
59 degrees! Eeek!

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