I’ve had a fascination with making puppets for
awhile now. I guess it goes back to Dougg and I working on the Wonderworld
Show. Speaking of that, has anyone got an mp3 of the Doug & Grant
Wonderworld Theme that I used to have up at the mp3.com site? I deleted all
those mp3’s before that site went belly up and though I have all the master
tapes, I need a copy of that song. E-mail me if you do. There may be something
in it for you.

Anyway, two Christmas’
ago I made this

a funny dog puppet. So I’ve been DYING to make another puppet for sometime and
I always joked that I should make one of my Great Grandmother. Her birthday is
coming up in February and she’s going to be 90! So this is my Greant

this is what I’m making her for her 90th

Don’t tell her! I figure it’s pretty safe putting it on the internet! She
hasn’t got a computer.

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