Sorry it’s been so long. Crazy
stuff has been going on here in Beautiful Downtown Burbank. I hope you are all
doing well.

I hope you enjoyed the
little Valentines Day drama that unfolded on the main page of
www.throwingtoasters.com. Yeah, I’m no Google
maker, but I thought it was fun! If you missed
it….welll….THAT’LL TEACH YOU!

Got a gig in Florida! I’ll be
playing a special Guest Set at Bonkerz at Universal Studios Orlando! That’s
going to be a ton of fun. It’s a 350 seat venue and one of those seats will be
occupied by none other than my buddy Dougg! I can’t wait to see him. This will
be a much needed vacation! So anyway, if you’re in Florida, even if you’re not
near Orlando, plan on being there March

Tune in to Monday’s FILL IN THE
BLANK on Dementia Radio because we’re having a special guest that I know you’ll
enjoy! Plus we’ll be once again CALLING GRANT’S DAD, a segment that was very
popular last week.

I love the internet!
In the past how did you find out about new music? Youhad to go to shows or hear
about new bands from friends. Well with internet radio you’re exposed to new
bands and music all the time. Wait till you hear the new songs I found on the
internet on Monday’s Fill In The Blank! So listen to it on Monday evening, 5 PM
Pacific, on Dementia

Finally I wanted to
let you in on a little Throwing Toasters, Behind The Scenes Trivia!

When i’m working on my puppets I
like to listen to internet radio and the station I listen to 9 times out of 10
is bluegrasscountry.org. Yeah, I said Bluegrass!
:-P Anyway I found a great canadian band that does sort of modern bluegrass.
They are called The Clumsy Lovers. Check them out! They kick
butt! You can download some free tunes from their

Okay, that’s it. I’ll try to
update more frequently but you know how that


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