I’m a big fan of any Christopher Guest movie. A
MIGHTY WIND was probably my favorite just for the Folksmen. I’ve gone to see
them live twice (the MIGHTY WIND cast that is) and each time I’ve been able to
bring my vinyl version of the soundtrack and get it signed by most of the cast.
Now there’s two I haven’t been able to get. 1. Catherine O’Hara and 2. Paul

The other day, this guy who
lives in my buidling was over looking at all the crap I have hanging everywhere
and saw the album cover and I told him about the two missing signatures. Then I
said, “Well Paul Dooley lives around here (which he does) and I see him
sometimes and one day I’ll ask him to sign

The next day Guy, (that’s the
guy’s name who was at my apartment) was in Taco Bell and he ran into…Paul
Dooley. Guy just couldn’t resist saying hi and mentioned that I needed his
signature on my album. Paul grabbed a napkin and wrote down his home phone
number on it and said, “Tell him to give me a call. He can come over and I’ll
sign it for him!” How cool is that?!?! So I now have Paul Dooley’s phone

If you don’t know who he is
think the Dad in Sixteen Candles.

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