APCA is going good. Gearing up for my big showcase
tomorrow night! I can’t wait! Working on the new song A LOT today. Got to get
it perfect.

Last night I went and
played an open mic here in atlanta. With only 3 people in the crowd, I can’t
really say if it went well or not. It was just good to get up and

Yesterday i walked around
downtown Atlanta a bit. Tomorrow morning I may try to take a walk down to
Centennial Park which is just down the street. Just think it’s something I
should go see.

I’ll try and add some
more pictures from what I’ve been taking to the blog

Last night my manager’s other
clients, Compost Comedy Heap, performed. I made it back from the open mic just
in time to catch the end of their act and they did well. THis college stuff is

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