So I have some photos finally from the APCA show so
far. Tonight’s the big showcase for the TT, so around 7:30PM Eastern Time,
think good thoughts! Okay, some

This is Eric Lambert. He’s the HEAD guy at
APCA. Name sound familiar? He was in the comedy rap group 2 Live Jews. Oh
yeah, comedy music is embedded deep here at

Here’s my manager Barbara and Compost Comedy
Heap at the registration desk at APCA.

I took this one mainly for my pop. One of
the booths at APCA actually has this car parked out front. You should have seen
them trying to get it in the door….

I took a walk around atlanta and took some
pics of buildings….here you

Toasters isn’t the ONLY celeb here at APCA….check it

Manager Barbara Holliday, and the Improv
Couple Compost Comedy Heap on the streets of Atlanta.

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