Hey all! I’m sitting in the Atlanta Airport getting
set to head off to Orlando through Miami. Yeah, you read that right, Orlando
through Miami. I have to fire my travel agent. Oh wait,
am my travel agent. Never-mind. Actually, the first flight American Airlines
offered me was Atlanta to Houston and then to Orlando. Yeah. I’ll hop right
onto that flight.

Today I bid farewell
to “The Brick”. That’s Carla Ulbrich’s pro wrestling name. It was great
hanging out with her in Atlanta. Last night we were all sitting around the
hotel room. My manager was snoring in bed. We were both pretty wiped out and
then Carla said she had to run to her car to get something out of it. i went
with her with my laptop hoping to record some stuff for FILL IN THE BLANK. I
joked that we should record the show in her car and then said it would be funny
to record it while driving around Atlanta.

The Brick fired up the Brick-Mobile
and we headed off into the city at 1:30AM. We then go the idea that me, being
from California, had to make a special trip to a special location. We pulled up
into the parking lot of Waffle House at 2 AM! We ate, ordered grits, harrased
the wait staff and dropped off CDs for the jukebox and…..WE GOT IT ALL ON
“TAPE”! So it’ll be on FiLL IN THE BLANK! We recorded so much stuff I may have
to split it into two or three shows. It’s WAY too funny and you will HAVE to
tune in.

This morning Carla drove me to
the airport but not before checking out Centennial Park. Kristi Ohler e-mailed
me asking if we could look for her brick that she purchased in Centennial Park
and I’m proud to announce that we found it! I have pictures which I’ll post in
a while (my camera cable is packed right now). But we found it…and a few
other celebrities’ bricks as well! You’ll

Carla then drove me to the Atlanta
Airport and wesaid our fond farewells. We’re planning on seeing each other in
Early September when she has her CD Release party and I head out to open for her
for a few dates in Florida ant the

The APCA conference was a HUGE
success. I got 8 bookings and will probably get a few more. I only know two
FOR SURE dates…October 13 & October 15 in Virginia. I don’t know which
schools. Other places that want Throwing Toasters at their school include, West
Virginia, one or two schools in Florida, North Carolina and Grant’s Alma Matter
at Cal State Long Beach! There’s also a “possible” booking in Alabama. I’m
sure I’m leaving out a state or two and I’m sorry. Most of these shows won’t be
until September at the earliest and a lot of them may not be till 2005. But the
TT Tour is kicking into high gear.

R.A. SONG was a huge hit. Folks couldn’t believe that I had finished writing it
on the plane. I shouldn’t have cut it that close and next time I showcase I
won’t. THAT’S FOR DARN SURE!! But it went well. Unfortunately I stupidly
recorded over the video performance of DEBBIE that was my finale. I sang to a
woman named Debbie who joined me onstage for the whole show. So you won’t be
able to ever see the whole thing, but I will try to put the rest up online

During sound check I played
LIVING @ HOME and they were testing out some video equipment for another act and
I was goofing around with the camera while playing. I LOVED it and I asked if
they could possibly leave the screen up and let me be up on the big screen like
a REAL rock show. No dice,

I wanted to give a
special shout out to a few

Carla for coming down to
Atlanta. Sure she was there to talk to her new agent and work on planning a
future college showcase, but it was great hanging out with her and the WAFFLE
HOUSE trip will not be forgotten.

, on of the other acts on the H2F roster. This guy is a madman
and made me laugh WAY TOO hard throughout the weekend.

Composte Comedy
– Deven & Joel – two very funny people who I’d gladly share
a trip, room or bed with again. Joel and I laughed all week and Deven and i had
some good talks about not so funny subjects and I appreciate both of

All the folks from the colleges I
met! Hayley, Angie, Jennifer, Debbie, my “peeps” from Long Beach and the
countless others. You guys ROCK and I thank you for putting your support in a
little comedy rock project you’d never heard of. Hayley, Jennifer and Angie and
Debbie made a special point of sitting down front during my showcase and it was
very cool to look out into a sea of strangers and see some friendly faces, even
it it we’d met the day before.

Lambert, Amanda and the APCA staff. They run a great show there at APCA and I
hope I’m lucky enough to get another showcase for them again. I promise I’ll
have better rehearsed material!

other acts who were great! Check out Bean & Bailey. The Smothers Brothers
reborn. I talked to them about the possibility of heading out west for the
B.O.R.E.D. Tour this year. Another great act was a magician who’s name escapes
me for the moment, but who had the absolute BEST way for dealing with someone on
a cell phone in the crowd. I laughed for DAYS after he did what he did. I
don’t want to type it out here, but ask me about it someday in person and I’ll
show you.

FInally I want to thank
Barbara Holiday, my manager from H2F Comedy Productions. She is THE hardest
working person I know in Entertainment and she also has the biggest heart and
cares about EACH of her acts equally (even though Throwing Toasters is her
favorite)! :-) It was another great trip with her and I look forward to

I’m now set for a few days of
break before my show at Universal Studios Florida. Tomorrow night…BARE NAKED
LADIES!!! Awww yeah! I can’t

Talk to you later!

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