I’m BEAT! I did the WHIRLWIND tour of Walt Disney
World over the past two days! SHEESH! It was all very much fun though! I did
just about all you could do and it was fantastic! Onto some photos from the
adventures and a brief description of what I

Day 1 – Part 1 – EPCOT

I started at Epcot. I got into the
park at about 10am. I visited the following attractions (I don’t know if this
is the correct order):

Spaceship Earth – Classic. Not as memorable
as I remember from being there in 1986, but

Mission Space – The Big New ride. It’d fun,
but I can do without all the computer animation. Plus I rode alone and I can
see where this would be a fun ride to ride with friends or

Test Track – This was good fun,
but the big Surprise was seeing that John Michael Higgins (from BEST IN SHOW and
A MIGHTY WIND) is the guy who talks to you during the ride. That was very

Journey Into Imagination with
Figment – I’m sure if this was the same ride as it was back in 1986 I would have
been disappointed like Spaceship earth, but the new ride is pretty bad. Even
Eric Idle can’t help it.

Maelstrom (In Norway) – What I loved about
this ride is how it’s pretty crappy,, and at then end they want you to watch a 5
minute movie and no one stays to watch it. People just walk right through the
theater to the exit.

Then I visited the
following “lands/pavillions”….



America/U.S.A. – If you go here you must go
on the American Adventure attraction. As shows go, it’s sorta so-so, but the
Animatronics are AMAZING. THis was the show that was as good as I remembered,
if not even better for the logistics of the whole

*sigh* Back to




& Canada

That was the end of my Epcot
Adventure. I then met up with Dougg and we headed over to MGM-Disney Studios.
Keep in mind I did all this stuff between 10am and about


This turned out to be my favorite
park. I loved just about every attraction here. Here’s a list of what I

(Actual “chess table” from Star Wars in the
queue area for the Great Movie Ride.)

Great Movie Ride – This ride made me want to work back at Disney. Our tour
guide and the “cowgirl” we had as our guides were AWFUL!! I could do a better
job in my sleep. It makes me mad that people just don’t care that they have
this great job where they can interact with folks and be part of the show and
they just don’t care.

Star Tours A
CLASSIC! THis ride is awesome, but the highlight was watching a droid in the
queue area malfunction completely! It knocked over another robot and then fell
down. Best Part? I got it all on video tape. Once I have a chance to edit it,
I’ll put it up on the website. It’s classic stuff that Disney would NEVER want
folks to see.

Indiana Jones Stunt
Spectacular – I understand they want to give you a feel for how movies are made,
but this was the slowest Stunt Show in the

Rock “N” ROller Coaster
featuring Aerosmith – THis ride is AWESOME! Take the magnet powered coaster
from California Adventure and put it indoors with loops and all in the pitch
black! Amazing stuff. My Dad would LOVE this

Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror – I
cannot wait for this ride to open in California! This is a GREAT ride! LOVE

Fantasmic! – We finished out the
evening by watching the show that Doug and I have seen probably 500+ times
combined. The florida version is HORRIBLE compared to it’s Disneyland Version.
If you have only seen the Florida Version of Fantasmic! and think it’s amazing,
you MUST go to Disneyland and see that

That rounded out Day 1. Came
home exhausted. :-) Tomorrow I’ll update Day 2 (which is actually today) and
plus announce the first ever Blog Contest!


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