I forgot a few pictures last night from MGM

New York City

Muppet Courtyard (I did not go on
Muppetvision 3-D though I have been on it in

More Muppet

Escaping the Imperial scum on my Speeder


I got an even earlier start on Disney World yesterday. Arrived at The Magic
Kingdom at 9 right when they


Pirates Of The Caribbean – For some
reason I remember this being totally different from the one at Disneyland. I
was surprised to find it almost completely the same. Still a great

Splash Mountain – Nothing like a
good soaking to wake you up and boy did I get soaked. You don’t get this wet at
Disneyland. Not that I remember

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – The
track is different from California and you see some different things. I didn’t
remember a lot of it from when we went and I know that my brother and I went on
this back in 1986.

Country Bear Jamboree – Now, if you know me
at all, you know this is my absolute FAVORITE attraction of all time. I was
completely heartbroken when they took out the California version. I still hold
out a little hope that they’ll put it in California Adventure. Anyway, here it
was! And it’s the ORIGINAL SHOW to boot! Nothing beats the ORIGINAL

Me with the portrait of my second favorite
Bear, Big Al. My absolute favorite is Liver Lips McGrowl. Unfortunately they
don’t have his picture hanging up. But as I made my way out of the theater I
heard loud music and there was some sort of Street Hoe-Down going on and who
should be in it but…

LIVER LIPS! When you get to meet your idol,
it’s just an amazing thing. (Little did I know I’d get to meet him twice!) He
was a little rushed because he was in the Street Hoe-Down show, but he still
paused for a picture!

Tiki Room: Under
New Management – Now, I like Rowan Atkinson. I’m a huge fan of his, but I think
adding him and Gilbert Gottfried (as Zazu and Iago) to the Tiki room does
nothing for the show and in fact makes it horrible. The animatronics are great
on these two and Zazu looks exactly like Rowan, but the new show is bad. The
only good part is the two “agent” birds outside (one voiced by Phil Hartman) who
are bickering over their stars. That was pretty

Jungle Cruise – This was fun. My old ride.
*sigh* It was cool noting the differences in the ride after riding Disneyland’s
a million times. I like the going indoors part and it wasn’t as bad as I had
remembered. The Skipper though….I wanted to punch him. Like I said before,
you’re part of the ride…act like

Hall Of Presidents – I love
Florida’s version of this because they always add the current president. I
hadn’t see the ride since 1986, so there were three new figures to see. Of
course I don’t know if I would have made the George W. Bush one talk. But it
didn’t seem too bad. I was bracing myself for a lot of Propaganda in his
speech, but there was none.

Carousel Of
Progress – I loved this ride back in 1986 and I love the theater (I miss America
Sings). I was stoked though when I realized that the narrator and the main
character of the ride is voiced by Jean Shepherd of A CHRISTMAS STORY fame.
He’s the voice of Ralphie all grown up. It was cool to hear him somewhere so

Haunted Mansion – A classic. Very similar
to the CA version, but fun.

Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – THis is fun, although I think it could be a lot
more fun. Seems to be a ride mant for Fantasyland

The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
– Gosh this is a horrible ride. Of course I’m biased because this is what they
took out the Country Bears for in Disneyland, but this really is a bad

Then at about 3pm, my buddy Dougg
joined me at the Magic Kingdom and we headed over to Animal


As we walked up to the gate…who
should we see standing outside but….

LIVER LIPS!! What a great guy…er…bear!
I told him how much he’d influenced me as a musician and he was really humble
about it.

The Student & The Master.

At animal kingdom we only went on two rides.
Kilimanjaro Safari was fun. Sort of a Jungle Cruise on wheels with real animals

Lions. There’s one on that hill, believe

Then we also went on DINOSAUR,
which uses the same ride system as the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland.
Dinosaur is NOT Indy. Even if it has Mrs. Cosby doing the

We then went back over to

DAY 2 – PART 3 –

The original reason we’d gone
back to Epcot was to see Cranium COmmand. Once we were over there we found out
that pavilion was closed. So we went on Ellen’s Energy Adventure. 45 Minutes
of slow torturous hell!

And then we
left Walt Disney World.

It was a heck
of a fun trip. Now I’m getting set for my show at Universal tonight. My good
buddy John Kennedy (the guy who does Animal for the Muppets now) said he’s going
to come to the show tonight, so it will be cool to see him! I’ll give you a
full report on how things turn out. But first…it’s onto the

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