No. Not really. But I kinda felt like

I shot a DVD. NO, unfortunately
it’s not a TT DVD. I’m working on

Anyway, I built a dog

I think i may have shown a picture of
this puppet before, but anyway, here she is. Princess Sabrina-Jill Kelly. I
was commissioned to make her for a DVD being made by The Dog Whisperer, Paul
Owens. So on Wednesday I went and shot the footage of the puppet for the DVD.
It was very cool and everyone was very impressed with the puppet, though i could
only see the imperfections in her. A trait I get from my mother who will spend
days making a holiday meal then not eat it and complain about how bad everything

Anywho, we shot some footage on
Princess giving commands to a real dog and then being amazed that the commands
worked. Then in another part of the DVD, there is footage of a dog running
around with a skunk puppet in his mouth. The puppet is one of those store
bought children’s puppets that are basically a stuffed animal with a hole in it.
So they wanted a scene where Princes was interviewing the skunk puppet about her
filming those scenes and doing her own

They had a woman named Carolann
who was doing the skunk puppet and I was working Princess and we were told we
were filming it beside the pool of this house they had rented in La Canada, CA.
So I was just hanging out waiting for the shot and they called us to come over
to begin filming.

The pool we were
filming at is a long oval shaped pool with a jacuzzi in one end. It’s one of
those that are built so that if you are swimming in the pool, you can just hop
over a little wall and then be in the jacuzzi. Well when Carolann and I got out
there, they told us they wanted the puppets to be “sitting” in that little wall.
Carolann and I looked at each other and realized that the only way they could
get that shot was if we were in the pool. Neither of us had

So it was down to our
skivvies and into the pool with us! Quite interesting!

The shoot went well and the crew
LOVED the bits with Princess Sabrina. She is VERY funny and witty. Very hip
too! See that sweater? Stylish! No word about when the DVD will be out or if
our parts will be in it (but some of it was prime BONUS footage

On Thursday night I went
with my manager, Barbara, to the opening of the Laughter Store in Sherman Oaks,
CA. This is a store that sells only Stand Up Comedy related stuff and is owned
by Craig Shoemaker. The LoveMaster. So there were some cool people hanging out
at the event and Craig was there too. I met Jennifer who is in charge of the
store and she said they had been open a week and on the second or third day
someone came in, perused the CDs and then asked if they had any “Throwing
Toasters” CDs. They didn’t but they do now! They are also the exclusive
retailer of the Mr. Grant CD! It’s going to be their featured part of their
“Kids” section next to Craig Shoemaker’s kids book.You can check them out at
TheLaughterStore.com .
Craig Shoemaker had heard of me and was very nice to meet and said that I would
be a great guest on his radio show The
Craig Shoemaker Show

also wanted to let you in on a little behind the scenes info on TT stuff going
on around here. You may have noticed and wondered why Throwing Toasters’ songs
have appeared on the iTunes Music Store and I’ve made no mention about it here.
Several years ago when ‘burnt’ first came out, I signed a distribution deal with
a place called The Orchard. They were supposedly THE place for Indie type
artists to get their music out in stores and also to online retailers like
Amazon.com, CDBaby.com, etc.

Had I
know the hell I’d have to go through, I would have never signed that contract
with them. Here’s what’s wrong….

When I signed up, they said they’d take 30% of each sale. That’s no big deal,
it a lot, but you just raise the price a little to offset that cost. The
Laughter Store mentioned above is taking 40%. I have no problem with that.
Then they said in the contract I signed, that they would pay me the money
according to the Payment Terms outlined on their website Payment Terms webpage.
Well back then it was $25. So when you made $25 in sales, they’d cut you a
check. Again, that’s fair. Well here’s where they screwed me and several other
artists, they kept changing the payout amount listed on that webpage. It became
$30, then $50, then $100. I’ve made a whopping $24 through them. Think I’ll
ever see that money? I doubt it.

There was a little bit of tricky wording in their contract which basically said,
“We reserve the right to distribute your CDs via the internet in any manner
known now OR IN THE FUTURE.” So basically, they can sell your CD or songs
anyway the internet comes up with. Like the new manner that Apple innovated,
song by song for 99 cents. So TT got signed up on iTunes, Buymusic.com and
others all without my permission.

then I had signed up with the ABSOLUTE BEST CD DISTRIBUTOR IN THE WORLD, CDBaby.com. If you
haven’t checked out CDBaby.com do so now! They

Anyway, Derek brokered a great
deal with Apple and other places to sell CD’s registered through CDBaby online
and in per song download mediums. But here’s the difference, Derek actually
ASKED the artists if they wanted to be on there!

At any rate, TT showed up on iTunes
and folks have already downloaded songs (who knew She’s like would be the top
Downloaded TT song on the Itunes Music Store? However it’s the Orchard that put
me up there, not CDBaby and I’ll probably never see dime one from those sales.
I did sign up for Digital Distribution through CDBaby, whis is why you’ll see on
buymusic.com that burnt is listed

After a few weeks of back and
forth, I have finally got out of the Orchard Contract and I SHOULD be removed
from those sites soon. I hope! The rest of the TT Catalog should show up on
iTunes soon. I Hope.

I’d like to ask
you to spread the word and tell folks not to download any track from TT off of
iTunes or other sites until we make an announcement about it here or on the
website. Though it’s only pennies, we’ll never see any of it as long as Orchard
still has us registered.

If you see
CHROME on any of these site, please feel free to download away! We never
registered CHROME with The Orchard and if it’s there it’s because of

Another way we’re going to try
and combat this is this summer (but don’t hold me strictly to that) with the
release of “burnt: re-mastered special edition”. With better quality tracks and
new songs added. That will hopefully allow me to raise enough capitol to
release D in the fall. (Again, please don’t hold me to that. That’s just the
ideal plan.)

Okay, that’s all. I would
be remiss if I did not mention the sad news out of San Diego this past Friday.
My thoughts go out to Al and Suzanne. I never met Al’s parents but they way
that they always did as he asked for videos and movies shows that they are the
same kind of stock my parents are made out of who’d do the same for

Have a happy Easter if you
celebrate and if not, just eat some

Be good to each

Heh. No one can say I never
update this damn thing!

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