I’m totally diggin’ Dr. Floyd. Who?

Many years ago in ’98 & ’98,
I worked on a Kids TV Show with my pal Dougg called GRANT & DOUGG’S
WONDERWORLD DISCOVERY SPACE SHOW. It was really goofy and we only made 1 and
3/4 episodes because we quickly ran out of cash to produce

Well I recently got the idea that I
wanted to do a weekly radio serial on FILL IN THE BLANK (My weekly radio show on
Dementia Radio). After batting around a few ideas, I decided that I might as
well use already established characters. THE RADIO ADVENTURES OF DR. FLOYD was

We’ve aired two episodes so far,
Epidsode #3 is being recorded right now and Episode #4 is being written. Dougg
plays Dr. Floyd (Brilliant Scientist) and I play Dr. Grant (Dr. Floyd’s Protoge)
and Dr. Steve (Floyd’s Nemesis). Dougg records his parts out in Florida, then
send them to me to edit together.

I put
up a very CHEAP & QUICK web page about the show


We may eventually put up episodes on
the net to listen to but as of right now, the ONLY place to hear them is on the
radio show. Every week we’ll play last week’s episode around

Anyway, I just love how Episode
#2 came out and I think they are only going to get better!

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