Hey gang! Sorry the updates have been laggin’!
Things are busy here in Toaster Central. Getting ready for a small Oregon/N. CA
tour at the end of this month. Also I just found out that I’m going to play a
show in Vegas next week, so May is a busy travellin’ month for the old TT!
Hopefully the shows in May will give me the capitol to have ‘burnt – special
edition’ pressed’ Look for more info on that as we come to the end of May and
keep you eyes on the Message Boards because
I may just have a poll in which THE FANS decide which songs make it onto the
Special Edition!

Speaking of the FANS
and VOTING…Voting for the first ever FANS CHOICE BUTTON has begun over at the
Message Boards
as well, in the POLLS section of the site. Voting only runs for 20 days so be
sure to get your vote in!

The May
edition of the TT newsletter is being delayed a bit. We hope to have it out
Tuesday or Wednesday Morning at the latest. just some last minute May Show
details we’re trying to wrap up (as well as some possible details on a big
comedy music event everyone keeps asking me about)! Oooo the

So it’s not all sitting in the
sun here in Burbank! We’re working hard for you out there!

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