Sorry about the lack of updates. (Hmmm….seems
like I’m always saying that. Sorry for being sorry about the lack of updates.)
This week should remedy that though as tomorrow I head out for a week long tour
of Oregon & N. CA. I think I have everything ready to go, except for the
*$&#&*@ Special buttons I ordered for the shows that have not arrived!
Grrrrr. Hopefully they’ll be here

Well, there’s a motto that
What Goes On In Vegas Stays in Vegas. So I can’t tell you much. Though I will
say I got about 5 to 10 minutes of new material about my activities there for
the stage. So if you’d like to know what went on, come to a show. Or wait for
the next CD as I’m sure it’ll all be on there as

I can tell you a few things. On
Wednesday night, my very good friend Cathe B. took Mike Hollingsworth and
I to see Penn & Teller at their show at the Rio. It was a blast. Here’s
some photos of us on the stage at the

Me &

Me &

All Three Of

And just

Also here’s a pic of Cathe’s Man
Hunk Mike “Jonesy” Jones, Penn & Teller’s Piano player and the bassist for
the show who looks Awfully familiar….

Yep. That’s

After the show, Cathe hooked us
up with backstage passes and we got to meet the guys. I didn’t get a picture
with Penn (I’ll explain in a second) but here’s me and Teller (who does

After the show Penn graciously invited
Mike and I back to The Slammer. The Slammer is Penn’s Custom Built House in
Vegas. it was awesome. I did not bring my camera to this even because even
though it was very cool, I didn’t want to be walking around someone’s house
taking pictures. But if you go HERE
for a pretty in depth tour. This is what I saw, but it was at night, so a
little different! I did take one picture and Cathe has it, so once I get it
I’ll put it up here!

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