The Coos bay college show was really hit or miss
in my opinion. Some stuff went over HUGE. Other songs played to silence. I
will have a full summer of revamping the playlist to better fit college
audiences for college shows. I do have a few ideas for “college themed” songs
to go along with The R.A. Song. DEBBIE, of course, went over well. There were
a few other ones that were well liked. The Japan Stories and Wedding Stories
also went over well. Composte Comedy Heap did a really amazing job and it was a
ton of fun hanging with them for the less than 24 hours that I did. Deven even
came out and added some HILARIOUS dance moves to HIP CHICK. They had the crowd
sing happy birthday to me and then bought my dinner and a piece of chocolate
cake afterwards. they are a great lot of fun to hang out with and, I dare say,
they are the best Apple’s in the

So, as you know, TT has been
ordering buttons to hand out at shows. Before this trip we ordered 100 buttons.
50 of the buttons said. “Throwing Toasters Rocks Southwestern Oregon Community
College – 5/21/04”. The other 50 say “Throwing Toasters – The “MAY-DAY!” Tour –
May 2004 – Nevada – Oregon –

Well I ordered these a few
weeks ago and they did not arrive in time for me to have before I left Southern
CA. So I gave Barbara, my manager, my the P.O. Box key and asked if she’d
check. Well they arrived Thursday morning and were sent to arrive in Coos Bay
at the Hotel by 10:30am. When we checked in at 11:30am, they had not arrived.
I called Barbara, she called Fed Ex and we were told that the buttons were in
Corvallis. Ummmmmmmm……yeah. See, I’m on Coos Bay, Oregon, not Corvallis.
So, no buttons for the College show. Yeah, those 50 just went to waste. Oh
well I’ll just hand them out with the others. This morning at 9:30 am the front
desk called and the buttons had arrived. Fantastic. Just in time for the last
day of the tour! Neato.

Tonight is the
last show of the tour and probably the last show of May. I’m in Arcata which is
a funny little town near Eureka, CA. This has been a fun trip in that I got to
drive up the California/Oregon coast on the 101 Freeway. There are some pretty
neat views of the ocean as you drive up and it was really cool to see two HUGE
Elk next to the road this morning as I made my way through the redwoods.
Tomorrow morning I head back to Mom & Dads for a day of rest then back to
Los Angeles. I have been thinking I should take the 101 all the way down to Los
Angeles just for fun and to make the trip complete. but that makes it a 7 hour
trip as opposed tot he 5 hour trip down I-5. Yeah, I think the i-5 is the way
to go. Screw that whole “wandering artist” thing.

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