Last night was a night off in Burlingame, home
sweet home. Today I make the drive to Burbank to collect all my birthday stuff!

Last night I celebrated the end of
the tour by going to see Super Size Me. It’s an EXCELLENT film! A Must
see. If I get down to Burbank tonight at a decent time and get stuff done,
tomorrow I may go see Kill Bill Vol. 2. I loved the first one and Mike and Deven
both raved about the second one. SO I must see it in the

This week I’ll also begin
working on the Special Edition of burnt. It’s looking like a possible release
date in July. That’d be nice. This won’t simply be a rehashing of the tracks
on burnt. I’m going to try and put as much, never before heard stuff, on there
as well. This will be a must have.

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