Last night I realized that I had forgotten to
post some photos from my Oregon//Northern California trip. So here you

These first couple are from the
Arcata Hotel. This is the room I stayed in the night of that show and I thought
it looked pretty unique. Notice the antique furniture and the old radiator.

here’s the view of the other side of the room and the bathroom with the old time
bathtub and shower. When i first walked in I thought I’d have to send down for
hot water when I needed to shower.

This next set of three pictures were
taken more as an in joke for my parents and brother. When I was in High School
we took a family road trip up through Eureka and stayed at the Eureka
travelodge. Right across the street was a bakery called THE BIG LOAF THRIFT
STORE. For some reason that just struck us all as funny. I was saddened to see
on this recent trip that the store had


Then I decided to take a trip down
the Avenue Of The Giants that goes through all the redwood

It was a fun way to come home. Just
taking your time driving through the tree. Oh well…there you go.

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