Remember when you were a kid and got to class on
the first day of school. All your brand new textbooks would be stacked on your
desk. A new history book, a new math book. Or maybe if they weren’t hardcover
books, you have new “consumables”. These are what we in the “child education”
business call those “floppy” books that students actually write in. Remember
how fresh and new they were? Yeah. Me

But I know about the other side of
the story now. I now that these books arrive in big heavy 39 pound boxes with
50 or so books in them. They need to be sorted into piles (3rd grade boxes go
here, 4th here). Then they need to be opened and counted. 20 for each 1st
grade class, 20 for each 2nd grade class, etc.. At Columbus we have 6 first
grade classes, 7 second grade classes, 7 third grade classes…etc.. That’s a
LOT of books.

Then they need to be
RE-BOXED and sent to the classrooms so they can arrive on your desks. We did
Kindergarten to 3rd grade today. I’m beat. My feet hurt. My back hurts. So
glad i get to go back and do 4th, 5th and 6th tomorrow!

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