Well, it’s been awhile, but things are chugging
right along here in Toasters HQ. We should have the almost final edit of the
DVD done by tomorrow night. Then it’ll just be tweaking & stuff. Then off
to the duplicators and then into your little hands! :-) I had thought that the
first DVD would be Japan and some other stuff, but it’s turning out to be ALL
Japan stuff. So we may have a name change to THROWING TOASTERS IN THE LAND OF

Also getting all
geared up for the October East Coast Tour! I cannot

Mr. Grant & Laughter Is A
POwerful Weapon will appear on CDBaby this week. That’ll mean Mr. Grant will
move onto iTunes soon as well. i haven’t decided if Laughter will go out onto
iTunes or not. I may have to ask all the artists about that

Last night’s show in La
Canada/Flintridge was SO much fun. ALL the comics were great. The owners of
Higley’s are fantastic and it was so great to have so many friends from work
there. Muchas Gracias Tina, Lisa, Elena, Mike & Susie, Shelia and, of
course, little Haley who wanted to me to play DEBBIE and when I did, but sang
Megan instead, came up after and said, “That wasn’t Debbie!” That show was
EXACTLY what I needed!

Hope everyone is
good! Watch out for falling space capsules!

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