Friday and Saturday night I spent in the studio
laying down the guitar and vocal tracks for RAINBOW’S END (THE GENERIC IRISH
SONG). This sunday the Irish musicians show up and we go in to record! Can’t
wait to hear how it sounds. This is the most instrumentation on ANY Throwing
Toasters song ever.

Last saturday i
also shot the shot film I made all the puppets for. It was a ton of fun and I
can’t wait to see the finished product. I will let y’all know how to see it in
the next newsletter.

We’ve also started
production on Season 2 of Dr. Floyd! The first two episodes feature a fantastic
Special Guest. Heck, most of the episodes this season will feature special
guests! This is the season to jump aboard! We’re also putting the finishing
touches on the First Season of Dr. Floyd that we’ll be sending out to other
internet stations that have expressed interest in carrying the

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