Today we recorded the most musically intensive
Throwing Toasters song to date. It’s the song RAINBOW’S END (THE GENERIC IRISH
SONG) for the upcoming movie RAINBOW’S END by MYOPIC
. It is an Irish “sounding” song that has just about ever
Irish Stereotype you could think of in it. I know, I know, Baciocco is Italian,
but I’m actually more Irish than Italian, so I’m

Anyway, to make it sound even
MORE Irish, I was VERY FORTUNATE to have the incredible Irish Group Tintangel figure
out some parts to the song classic Irish instruments and come in and play. So
the final instrument tally for the tune

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Dulcimer,
Mandolin, Penny Whistle, Fiddle, Bodhran, Harp and clinking glasses! Whew! Let
me just say that it sounds AWESOME!!!!!! I cannot wait for y’all to hear it.
Unfortunately I have to wait till the film’s released which should be this year.
It will definitely be on an upcoming CD. I want to send a copy to Dr. Demento
right NOW, but It really is the wrong season! But I’ll

During the middle of the song is a
break where you hear pub sounds. Kinda like the ending of CHEESE ENOUGH. We
were laying down voices for that part and I wanted to throw in a reference to
O’Gill & The Little People
. I couldn’t think of the name Darby
O’Gill though so on the first pass I said, “Doby Gillis & The Little
People.” I think that take is gone forever.

TT RECORDING FACT: I took several
passes at recording the vocals and was not pleased with any of them. Just
wasn’t “feeling” it. So I employed a trick made famous by Barenaked Ladies.
when they are recording songs. If you know, then you know. If not, I’m not
telling! ;-) No photos were taken so don’t get your hopes

So it was a good

P.S. Congrats Dirk. I’m happy
for ya! You and Tina make a GREAT couple and I wish you the best!

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