I’m sniffly and sick on the eve of the big VA
tour. Not too good. I’ve got my directions mapquested out. I’m driving three
hours on my one day off so I can Walk around Washington DC. I’ve never been so
I’ll have to do my Disney World run that got me through all four Theme Parks in
two days. If I can moon the White House and the snipers on the roof, I’ll
consider it a good trip! :-)

I’ll be able to update from the road, but who knows what net access will be
like. Check the Message Boards though because I can at least update those via
my Treo while I’m gone.

Tomorrow we
wrap up the DVD production. It won’t get sent out till I’m back, and then 10
days after that I should have the first batch, so all of you who’ve pre-ordered
will get them QUICK!

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