I’m typing this as i fly back across the US after
the VERY successful Virginia’s Tour. (My good fans and friends in West Virginia
said it wasn’t very nice of me to put THE VA COLLEGE TOUR BEGINS on my website,
when one of the schools was in West Virginia. I apologize!) The tour was a lot
of fun and I’m was glad to meet so many great people! The crowds were REALLY
receptive and the shows were

Again, I recommend a trip to
Washington, D.C. to everyone. It was really just an amazing place. Walking
around you just get a great source of pride. I loved seeing the White House.
Going to D.C. I thought, man I just dislike George W. so much, I’m going to want
to throw eggs at the White House! But as I walked around and saw the
Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution, The Capitol, etc., I just got
this feeling of, “It doesn’t matter who lives in that house right now, that
house is History. Like Roy Zimmerman says in his song, “You can steal my TV
(the presidency), You can watch my TV, but it’s still my TV!” Seeing the White
House was amazing.

Now it’s home for a
few days. I have shows on Wed & THursday at the Ice House. Then it’s off
to Missouri for that super secret private gig.

The DVD will go off to the
Duplication plant on Monday and I should have the first batch of them by early
next week! I can’t wait for you guys to see them! I think they are a lot of

This tour has also shown me the
need to have a CD SIngle of the R.A. Song made up. If I would have had a $3 CD
with that song and one or two others on it I would have made a fortune on this

I have a few more photos from my
trip that I’ll add to the blog once I get home.

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