Well last night was the big “Secret Event” in
Ste. Genevieve, MO. I keep thinking this event was secret or private, but I
think it was probably the WORST kept secret in TT History.

I was asked and, of course,
accepted performing at TT Super Fan, Katie’s, wedding to her longtime beau
Heath. Well the wedding was great and though I may have had a bit of
trepidation in performing at a wedding reception, all fears were eased when the
show began. What a GREAT crowd! It really was a lot of fun and I’m honored to
be a part of Katie & Heath’s “Special

I did my part to contribute to
the goings on by having 100 TT Buttons made that mark the performance and the
event. Katie has a few extra so maybe if you’re REALLY nice to her, when she
gets back from her honeymoon, you’ll be able to con her into giving you. They
are numbered as part of the Official Button Series and there will only ever be
100 made!

I will post the set list on
the Message Boards. It was hand picked by Katie
herself and all the songs were really well received by

So there ya are, Throwing Toasters
plays weddings! We’re also available for Bar-mitzvahs, Children’s Birthdays,
Coming Out Parties or whatever other special event you may have coming up. TT
makes great entertainment for your office Holiday Party! :-)

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