I’m currently flying back across the U.S. from
the Houston A.P.C.A. show. This is a convention for College Campus Activity
bookers so they can see the type of entertainment available and possible book
them for shows at their school. I had a showcase yesterday, Saturday, and it
went great. Here’s the set list:




“LARN” DEBBIE (It was pronounced Lauren,
but she later told me she spells it Larn because she wanted to delete a few

The showcase really was great.
The audience was ABSOLUTELY fantastic and we got a ton of bookings. Look for a
TT tour of the south/Texas area to shape up in the next six months! Yeeee haw!

I got to hang out with the rest of
the H2F
: Dana Eagle, Michael Rayner, Stephane Zamarano and, of course,
our tireless manager Barbara. It was a ton of fun. I want to also thank Becca,
Doug, Zach and Luke who let us crash at their pad on Thursday and Saturday
night! Thanks guys! You’re

Now it’s time for
Thanksgiving. :-) I want to say I’m thankful to you…the fans…for all the
support you give TT. This really has been the best year ever in terms of
playing around the U.S. and I have a feeling it’s on;y going to get better!
With the college shows coming up I should be able to get the ‘burtn” special
edition” out. I will also need to get CHROME repressed as well. An I should
have enough to hopefully put out…wait for it…a new CD! I even came up with
a possible name. D.N.A. I’l let you guys try to guess what thet

Okay. I’m off to work on Dr.
Floyd! :-) I love having a laptop I can edit

Oh…and….well….for the folks
who were at the APCA show, I put up a secret demo mp3 of THE R.A. SONG on
throwingtoasters.com. It’s hidden and I can’t tell you where it is, but you may
be able to figure it out!

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