I started the weekend with a runny nose and sore
throat. I’m doing much better now, so you know what that means….I completely
rerecorded all my parts for tomorrow’s Dr. Floyd. You should see me recording
Dr. Floyd. I’m an insane perfectionist. I will do the same line over and over
and over. Mike was over here last week having me do a voiceover for this DVD
and I kept doing the line over and over and Mike finally said, I think we had it
on the second take. I begged to differ and continued to re-record. So, look
for Dr. Floyd Tomorrow! :-)

And here’s
some remaining Odessa, TX Trip Photos!

UTPB! That’s where I played! University Of
Texas Of The Permian Basin! One of the coolest things about UTPB…? THey have
their own…



It was a great trip. My manager has
the Video Tape, So when I get it back I’ll put up clips!

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