Last night was the final Full Band Recording
Session. Dirk will be off to Florida this weekend and will be missed sadly. We
got a lot of work done on studio versions of RYLEE, THE R.A. SONG and THINGS I’D
DO FOR YOU. On Tuesday, the rest of us will go back in and hopefully finish
them up so we can get the songs to Dr. Demento before March. Our goal is
actually to have workable mixes by next week because we’d like to get a small EP
to Dr. Demento with RAINBOW’S END as the lead off single for the Doctor to play
on St. Patrick’s Day.

The rest of us
would like to wish Dirk all the best in Florida with his lady

Speaking of RAINBOW’S END, the
director e-mailed yesterday speaking of a screening at the end of Februay. I’ll
keep you posted.

Also, in the crazy on
again, off again world of college shows, the University Of Tennessee gig that
was slated for April 2 was cancelled, then rescheduled for March 9! Yow! So
please change your travel plans accordingly!

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